Medium Duty Casters

High-quality General Duty, Medium Duty, Medium Duty Threaded Stem, Precision Raceway, Hollow kingpin, Stainless Hollow Kingpin Series and Institutional casters produced by Casters In Motion. Choose a product informational area below and you will be taken to that page in our catalog.

GD Series

General Duty Casters

MD Series

Medium Duty Casters

Medium Duty Threaded Stem

MDT Series

Medium Duty Threaded Stem Casters

PIC Plate Series

Precision Raceway Casters


PICHK Hollow Kingpin Series

Precision Raceway Hollow Kingpin Casters


SPIC Stainless Series

Stainless Precision Raceway Casters

SPICHK Stainless Hollow Kingpin Series

Stainless Precision Raceway Hollow Kingpin Swivel Casters

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