Our Name

While the name Casters In Motion is new within the caster industry, our manufacturing presence is not. We have produced high quality casters and wheels that are found throughout a variety of global markets. We have used that experience to become one of the largest single producers of casters and wheels in the world. With this knowledge and background of the caster industry, we have embarked upon a new journey as Casters In Motion and look forward to servicing your caster needs with our new line of products.

Our Goal

Our goal at Casters In Motion is to provide a line of high quality, competitively priced casters and wheels direct to our customer base in a timely manner. We are constantly improving and updating our manufacturing processes to ensure that we stay competitive and that our quality is never compromised.

Our Commitment

Casters In Motion is committed to your success! Our knowledgeable sales and engineering staff will assist you in finding the right caster among the several thousand different variations that we offer as standard products. If your application requires a specialized caster, we also take great pride in developing engineered casters that can meet the critical demands of your particular application. Whatever the situation, Casters In Motion has the capability to meet your demands.

Quality is always a priority at CIM

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Threaded stem casters
About Casters In Motion August 19, 2016