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High Performance Red Polyurethane Tread Wheel

Designed for high load capacity, extended wear, and resistance to most chemicals, our high performance red polyurethane on polypropylene wheels are in a class of their own. These wheels are excellent for most any industrial applications, including washdowns. The non-marking red tread is mechanically interlocked to eliminate any chance for tread separation. This wheel can be used with our standard MHD Series to offer a high quality, but economical caster that can be used with almost any material handling equipment.

If you are looking for an upgrade from the standard caster, use the precision bearing version of this wheel with our Precision MHD Series and you will not find a smoother caster. The sealed precision bearings in the wheel and raceway provide a maintenance free caster that provide unparalleled performance.

Caster wheel manufacturers USA

Solid Urethane Wheels

Harsh environment? No problem! CIM Solid Urethane wheels are formulated to handle applications that involve chemicals, solvents, or water. Our urethane compound provides low rolling resistance and the one-piece design eliminates any chance of tread separation under heavy loads. These wheels are also non-marking and offer excellent floor protection. Making them an obvious choice if you are looking for a quality, long lasting wheel, that you can count on. These wheels are available within our MHD & HD Series casters, so whether you need the wheel only or the complete caster, Casters In Motion is ready to service your requirement.

Caster wheel manufacturers USA

Medium Duty Series Wheels

LOOKING FOR A GREAT VALUE? Check out the Medium Duty Series from Casters In Motion. These double ball bearing raceway casters are precisely what you need for smooth rolling, highly mobile, and yet very economical solutions to your mobility needs. Ideal for small stocking carts, bakery racks, dollies, and other medium duty applications. With various wheel and bearing options available, we are sure to have the right caster for you!

Stainless Steel Casters

Our stainless steel MHD & SPIC Series casters are ideal for all demanding applications that require frequent washdowns or are used in corrosive environments that could possibly cause rust. These casters can be used with our white nylon & polypropylene wheels to offer an excellent solution for most food service and pharmaceutical applications.

Low Profile Series Casters

Looking for a high load capacity caster, but only have limited space? Look no further… our Low Profile series of casters are designed to offer increased load capacities where overall height is a limiting factor. Originally designed to move heavy office equipment, these casters are now used on a variety of products such as computer equipment, vending machines, scientific freezers, and other heavy diagnostic equipment. Combined with our Glass-Filled Nylon wheels, these casters can hold up to 1000 lbs. If one of our many standard Low Profile casters does not fit your requirement, our team of engineers are ready to work with you to solve your specific need.

PIC/SPIC Series Casters

LOOKING FOR SOMETHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY? LOOK NO FURTHER! Our precision raceway casters are designed for the smoothest and quietest swiveling action possible. The sealed raceway construction offers an upgrade over the conventional ball raceway that will give you an advantage over your competition. With total lock and directional lock options, these casters used with our precision bearing wheels, are ideal for hospital and food service applications.

For more corrosive environments, we also offer our stainless steel precision bearing casters. All of the same great qualities of the standard ZC version, but with the added protection of stainless steel.

HD Series Casters

The workhorse of our caster line, the HD Series, is recommended for heavy duty applications. Both the upper and lower raceways, as well as the top-plate, are hardened to add strength and durability in severe applications. The HD Series also has a 7/8” diameter heavy kingpin assembly to align the raceway for smooth swiveling. We recommend the HD Series for platform trucks, heavy dollies, and a variety of equipment used in abusive environments.

LD Series Casters

Light Duty, But Durable, the LD Series from Casters In Motion offer unparalleled performance when looking for an economical caster. These casters which are offered in various stems and also plate style attachments are ideal for small carts, displays, and other light duty applications. Sold most commonly with the our gray, non-marking, TPR wheel we are sure that you will find our LD Series to be the best option available!

Polymax Wheels

When the conventional wheel is not capable of handling the job, look no further than the CIM Polymax wheel. With a specially blended blue polyurethane tread that is uniquely interlocked on a black polypropylene core, this wheel goes above and beyond the competition. The Polymax wheel is the perfect combination of strength, rollability, and durability for medium to heavy duty load requirements. With a load capacity up to 1100 lbs, the Polymax wheel can handle almost any application. The Polymax wheel is available with Delrin, Roller, or Precision bearings. Don’t waste anymore time searching for the right wheel, you’ve found it… Polymax.

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