Heavy Duty Air Cargo/Conveyor Casters

Casters In Motion’s heavy duty air cargo/conveyor casters are specifically engineered for inverted applications for cargo sorting decks, cargo dollies and conveyor lines.

Casters In Motion’s swivel and flanged toe guard casters have a fully sealed precision raceway and the special cap on the raceway provides protection from the outdoor elements and protects dust and debris from entering the raceway.

The polypropylene wheel is offered with sealed precision bearings for longer, sustained rolling with less noise or a needle roller bearing that is directly molded into the wheel.  Both features offer maintenance free solution and reduce the frequency of replacements, and the results are an increase in the longevity of the casters in the workplace.  Thread Guards are included to protect the wheel from debris.  Additional wheel colors are available.

The Flanged, Toe Guard Casters prevents foot access into the caster mounting hole on the decks and provides a safer and productive work surface on the sorting decks.

The caster finish is a corrosion resistant zinc dichromate or black powder coat protection to withstand outdoor conditions.

Our goal at Casters In Motion is to provide you with more than just an economical solution to your material handling requirements. We are constantly improving and updating our manufacturing processes to ensure that we stay competitive and we are committed to manufacturing a quality caster for your material handling operation.  If your application requires a specialized caster, we take great pride in developing engineered casters that can meet the critical demands of your ground support equipment.

To learn more about our company and our line of air cargo casters, you can visit our website at www.castersinmotion.com or contact us by phone at 1-866-858-1022.

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